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WhiteStar Group Services partner with J Raudino & Associates to provide all the services required for your property and home loan.

Tax Returns

The Well structured taxes lead to larger tax returns.

Company & trust tax returns

Jo Raudino has got over 20 years of experience win working with many company and trusts to ensure their tax returns are are accurate and compliant with all applicable laws.

Rental property deductions & income

Rental property deductions are expenses incurred by landlords in the process of owning and maintaining rental properties. These expenses can be used to reduce the taxable income generated by the rental property, resulting in a lower income tax liability.

Depreciation & capital gains tax

It is important to accurately track depreciation and maintain records of all asset purchases and sales to ensure proper calculation of capital gains tax. You may be eligible to claim depreciation on investments to maximise the return.

Joe Raudino

Joe Raudino | Accountant (Bach Bus (Acc), FCPA, FIPA, FFA)

J Raudino & Associates Pty Ltd trading as WhiteStar Accounting

Our clients say

“We have used Joe's Services for over 10 years to do our personal taxes. We have received excellent service from Jor especially in getting the best tax outcome from our investment properties. We recommend Jo to anyone looking for a professional accounting service.”

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