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Why rent when you can own?

Every time you pay rent, you’re helping someone else achieve their property goals. With interest rates at record lows and criteria for borrowing recently eased,

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Finance Case Study #8

People with multiple loans consolidate and refinance to free up cash flow. Our Mortgage Broker Emma recently helped a couple who required a consolidation and

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Big Banker is watching

While banks and other lenders have softened lending criteria recently, the pay-off is that they are tightening up on the level and type of information

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Finance Case Study #7

When debts get out of hand, we have the answers! With school fees in arrears and various small but stressful debts playing on their minds,

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Finance Case Study #6

People with a mortgage have an opportunity to consolidate debts with a refinance solution. Refinancing to consolidate debt has helped many of our clients. We

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