Why WhiteStar

Welcome to a place where your financial goals matter.

At WhiteStar Group we’re 100% dedicated to listening to your goals, both big and small, and giving you the knowledge and tools to get there! Talk to us about your goals today.

Why use WhiteStar Group?

We’re here to help you increase your financial potential, not just find you a more competitive home loan.

That’s right! For 20 years, the core of our business has been built on providing competitive home loan solutions for all Australians. What we quickly realised was that our clients wanted more. They were turning to us to help identify strategies to pay off their mortgages faster, to lower their income tax, and to identify pathways to invest in property for long-term wealth.

We have grown our business framework to look after our clients in their financial journey. You can speak with the team in the area that interests you:

  • WhiteStar Finance
  • WhiteStar Property
  • WhiteStar Accounting

Our teams are always there to listen to your goals and find solutions to help get you there.

Talk to us today. Here’s how:

  1. Call us on 1300 652 842
  2. Ask us questions using our live chat
  3. Email us on info@whitestar.com.au
  4. Complete our online form

We’re really good at what we do & here’s why:

1. We have 20 years experience

We have grown and changed with the industry and we’re dedicated to continually improve our service and products so you get the best solutions possible.

2. We give you choice

Working with over 20 large and small lenders, property developers and switched on accountants, we have the scope to give you good choices for the future.

3. We care about the outcome

When we say we care, we mean it. If you are a client now, we want you to be a happy client. If we can’t help you become a client today we’d like to help you tomorrow.

4. We give advice that makes sense

Our team of finance, property investment and accounting experts know what they are talking about and they are happy to take the time to explain things clearly.

WhiteStar Group of companies

WhiteStar Finance Pty Ltd

ABN: 13 085 123 539, Credit licence: 383519

WhiteStar Accounting Pty Ltd

ABN: 35 093 971 727

WhiteStar Property Pty Ltd

ABN: 98 101 515 842
Real-Estate Iicence number: 072495L

WhiteStar Insurance Pty Ltd

ABN: 17 085 587 784








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