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Refinancing is a popular way to save or use your equity for a purchase or investment. The process of mortgage refinancing involves borrowing with a new mortgage which replaces your existing one. So basically, if eligible, you take out a higher mortgage, pay off your existing one, and you keep the balance leftover to achieve whatever goal you have, such as a renovation, buying an investment property, or even a new car.

With so many loan options available to borrowers, refinancing provides the flexibility to access the best products in the market as your lifestyle changes. Our mortgage brokers can help you find a competitive refinance solution, even if you have bad credit, by working with our panel of more than 20 large and small lenders who have home loans of all shapes and all sizes.

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We really care about the outcome of your loan application and we do everything we can to get you the loan you want. We have helped Australians find great finance for over 20 years. We work closely with our panel of over 20 leading lenders, including big banks, and smaller banks and lenders with more flexible lending criteria. If you don’t know us yet, get to know our team by reading our reviews.

Yes! Many of our clients refinance to access the equity in their home. You can often use some of your equity to make a purchase such as an investment property, dream holiday, new car or even as a cash release. Equity is calculated by working out the difference between the value of the property and the amount still owing. Be aware that you are increasing your mortgage, not lowering it.

Yes! Home loan products change frequently and many of our clients choose to refinance to access a lower rate or a product that might suit them better. For example, refinancing to a loan with a reduced interest rate can lead to significant savings in repayments and the term of the loan.

Yes, it can be a useful strategy. When you have multiple debts, loan defaults or loan arrears to pay, refinancing your home loan to access equity can be an option to help reduce the financial pressure. By paying out higher interest debts you can save on interest. Refinancing to consolidate debts also allows you make one repayment, instead of multiple, and can help you take positive steps towards more financial freedom.

Almost 54% of all loans in Australia are facilitated by brokers in Australia. Brokers offer a personalised service which is often hard to find when you deal with a big bank. When you apply directly with the bank how do you know that you are getting the best rate possible? Chances are you don’t. When you work with a broker, you benefit because your broker will help you compare loans from different types of banks, big and small. Brokers also have the inside knowledge and experience to inform you which loan will give you the best chance of getting approved.

All banks have different rules when it comes to lending. Some are stricter than others. Your broker can provide you with information about which banks suit your unique circumstances better. Unlike many brokers in Australia, WhiteStar Mortgage Brokers are paid a salary. They are not paid a percent commission directly by a lender and they are not paid based on the loan amount. This encourages a better service to you!

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