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We’ll support through every step as you transform your property investment dream into a reality

Our 5-step process is designed to help you create a long term property investment strategy

Planning and strategy*

Sit down for a consultation with a senior property consultant who will help you create your investment goals. You might want to invest mid-term or long-term, you might want to focus on higher weekly repayments, or maybe you want to focus on investing in an area more for capital growth.

Whatever your goal is, our expert property investment team will work with you to develop your goals and a strategy that helps you get there.

*we do not provide financial advice we work with you to help you achieve your goal of investing in property.

Financial Assessment

We’ll not only help you assess your financial position, we can also help you create a budget, and have your investment property financed so your investment strategy is affordable.

Property Selection

We work with many of Melbourne’s leading developers to find our clients investment properties that meet the outcomes of their strategy. It’s important to us that we help you select a property that’s just right for you.

Property Management

One of the biggest fears for first-time investors is that they won’t be able to find tenants. We believe that if you create a strategy and follow the right steps, finding tenants in not a critical issue, especially with Melbourne’s rental demand rising year on year.

Our panel of experienced property managers, who boast an 8-day average to lease a property, are on hand to help with every aspect of the management of your property.

Post-settlement & support

Once your property has settled, we’re still with you to answer any questions, provide ongoing support for tenancy, and when you are ready, we’ll help you position your portfolio for growth!

Complimentary Property Investment Calculation

Get a complimentary property investment calculation to see if you can buy a property without affecting the cash flow.

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