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Why invest in property?

Property investment is a proven strategy that can help you generate wealth for financial freedom and/or a comfortable retirement. Unlike other types of investments, such as stocks and bonds, investing in property may give you more control of the outcome you desire. We find our clients are attracted to property investment for reliability in terms of generating long-term capital growth, ongoing rental return, and immediate tax benefits.

WhiteStar Property work with you as your property investment dream comes to life!

Over the years, WhiteStar Property has assisted many people to enter the property investment market for the first time. We take a strategic approach to property investments. Following our step by step process, we work with our clients to create goals and find solutions to match. We support our clients through various step of the investment process, and also offer post-settlement support, particularly property management for your investment where possible. We strongly believe in helping our clients have the confidence to invest, and provide them with the right tools and knowledge to grow and manage their portfolios.

Complimentary Property Investment Calculation

Get a complimentary property investment calculation to see if you can buy a property without affecting the cash flow.


WhiteStar Property search hard for available, affordable and suitable investment opportunities for you. Whether it be a house & land Package or an off the plan apartment or townhouse we do this by working with our network of leading developers and builders and handpick investment property opportunities that meet your objectives. We have clients who want to generate wealth based on the growth in value of their property, while others prefer to generate profit through their rental return. Whatever your goal, we’ll work with you to get you there.

Tax benefits

Most people are aware that owning an investment property delivers significant tax benefits, however, understanding the process will ensure you are claiming the full benefits. It is vital to speak with an accountant to understand how to vary your income tax and maintain a tax depreciation schedule. You may be able to claim expenses relating to:

Financing your investment property

The structure of your finance is a key part of your investment approach. Finding the appropriate investment loan may lead to savings over time. Depending on your current assets and equity balance, WhiteStar Finance can also help you find a competitive investment loan that is structured to your planning needs.


There are many things to consider when deciding to invest, such as location, property type and time frame. However, much of this depends on what your goals are. To find out if you’re in a position to invest, request a free affordability check or book an appointment with our expert property consultants for a no-obligation meeting to discuss your investment potential.

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