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Take the stress out of your property sale at NO EXTRA cost to you

Thinking of selling your property? Chat to us about our agent selection service

We understand how important it is to select the right agent for the sale of your property. That is why WhiteStar now offers an Agent Selection Service to help you choose the right agent for you. Agent Selection Service can save time, stress and confusion.

WhiteStar will review, shortlist and select 2 Agents to suit you and your property, then you make the final selection.

When you’re thinking of selling your owner-occupied or investment property, chat to us about our Agent Selection Service.

The benefits

We have access to data that assists with estimating valuations and recent sales in Victoria.

We act as a filter for you to narrow down and select an agent, saving time, stress and confusion for you.

Our Conveyancer* and your selected agent will work together to prepare the sale documents and a smoother settlement.

*Servicing Victoria only.

We are genuinely invested in our clients. We are always hoping to assist with additional services today and in the future to achieve your finance and property goals.

With NO additional cost to you the owner, you have an additional resource to help you feel more comfortable.

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