Self Managed Super Fund Property Investment

Self Managed Super Fund Property Investment?

Build your wealth without affecting your lifestyle. It can be possible.

Join thousand of Australians who are taking control and using SMSF for property investment. As a separate entity property investments through your SMSF may not actually affect your lifestyle – as it funds itself through your super contributions and property rental income. A quick superfund calculation can assist in providing you with an initial affordability check. Interested? Let us help you figure out the rest.

The Pros and Cons of using your Self Managed Super Fund for Property Investment

  • Tax Benefits

    Investing in property through an SMSF can provide tax benefits, such as lower capital gains tax rates, and potential tax deductions for expenses such as property maintenance, repairs, and interest on loans used to purchase the property.

  • Potential for Higher Returns

    Property has the potential to generate higher long-term returns than other types of investments, such as shares or bonds, particularly if the property is located in a high-growth area and is well-maintained.

  • Control

    An SMSF gives you greater control over your investments. You can choose the specific property you want to invest in and have greater control managing the property.

  • Potential for Capital Growth

    Property values can increase over time, providing potential capital growth for your SMSF, which can increase your retirement savings.

  • Potential for Rental Income

    If the property is rented out, the rental income can provide a regular source of cash flow for your SMSF. This can help to build your super balance over time, particularly if rental income is reinvested back into the SMSF. Additionally, rental income is generally taxed at concessional rates for SMSFs, which can provide tax benefits.

  • SMSF Management

    Buying a property through an SMSF can have some downsides, including limited liquidity, high costs, limited diversification, and increased responsibility. Property purchase costs, ongoing management costs, and the time-consuming nature of managing an SMSF are also factors to consider.

  • Diversification

    Investing heavily in a single asset class can limit diversification and increase risk

  • Rules

    Trustees must ensure the SMSF complies with strict rules and regulations, which can be complex and time-consuming.

A self-managed super fund (SMSF) is a type of retirement savings plan in Australia where members manage their own superannuation. Members are responsible for making decisions about how to invest the money and how to run the fund. SMSFs can have up to six members, and offer tax benefits. However, setting up and managing an SMSF can be complicated and requires expertise, so it’s important to get professional advice. Each member can choose investments that suit their goals, but they must follow certain rules set by the government. 
A Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) has concessions and tax advantages. Your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) can own property and has more control over your investment strategy.  Buying a property in a SMSF can be a great investment to generate long term retirement wealth. 

Yes, you can use your SMSF to buy a property, but it must be for investment purposes only, and the SMSF must have enough funds to cover all costs. The property must be held in the name of the SMSF and all income and expenses must be managed through it. However, purchasing a property through an SMSF can be complex, and professional advice is recommended to ensure it aligns with your financial goals. 

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With WhiteStar Group Services, investing in your first (or subsequent) property is easy. All the services you will need for a successful investment are here, so choose the individual services you require.

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There are various ways to fund an investment loan so it helps to talk to a broker to develop your goals so you can find a solution that suits you best.

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