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Self Managed Super Fund Loans another investment possibility

SMSF Another Way to start your investment journey

Using a Self Managed Super Fund is another way thousands of investors are getting started on the investment journey – and building their future wealth.

WhiteStar Mortgage Brokers work with several lenders who offer SMSF Loan solutions.  We can offer  loan solutions for Commercial and Residential Property through a Self managed Super Fund. 

Its not as hard as you think. Find out today if you can purchase a property using your super in a Self Managed Super Fund or complete the complimentary affordability check below. 

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How it works
Get the Details: If you have not already set up your Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) already, we recommend you check with a broker to confirm that you are able to borrow and obtain a loan with your SMSF and how much you can purchase for before incurring the cost of setting up an SMSF.

Set up your SMSF. You can do this with most accountants we can refer you one if you are unsure of who to use. You can also set up your SMSF yourself online with legals firms, however this may be confusing for some.

Loan Set Up: The Loan is set up with the Borrower being your SMSF Trustee on behalf of your Self Managed Super Fund

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Do I need legal and financial Advice
It is recommended that you have received advice when making the decision to set up an SMSF and also with the decision of purchasing a property

Most lenders will require confirmation you have received legal advice in regard to the loan. This often a document provided with your loan documents that will need to be taken to a legal practitioner to confirm the legal obligations have been fully explained to you.

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Can we live in the property?
It is important to know that with residential property purchased in your SMSF you must ensure that it is fully at arms length and it must pass the sole -purpose test. You cannot live or have any personal benefit or related parties cannot have any benefit from the Property or the Self Managed Super Fund until after all members have retired.

Commercial property owned in a Self Managed Super Fund can be Owner Occupied. Example a Plumber has a business and decides to purchase the commercial factory in the Self managed Super Fund. The Business can rent the property from the Super Fund.

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I can't prove my income, should I still apply?
Borrowing in your Self managed Super Fund will need to meet a set of criteria with all lenders who lend to Self managed Super Funds. - Liquidity Rule - Servicing the Loan - Security Type and Location - Deposit amount
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All applications are subject to lending criteria.