Wondering why more people are using brokers? Hear the opinion of our Group Manager Marina.

A recent report by Momentum Intelligence has revealed that over 96% of people surveyed who utilised the services of a mortgage broker are satisfied and will use one again.

The report was released on January 31, 2019; just one week following an announcement that brokers settled more residential loans than ever before. In the last quarter, brokers settled 59.1% of all residential loans!

What does all of this mean?

These figures show us that mortgage brokers are really helping people.

Mortgage brokers deliver value to their clients each day by helping them understand what their mortgage options are and then finding products and rates to help them achieve their goals.

What do our brokers think? We asked them for their opinions about the value we offer our clients.

Our Group Manager Marina believes “Mortgage Brokers help borrowers find savings and understand the market when things are changing…

Everyone – whether you are a first homebuyer, someone wanting to consolidate debt, or a seasoned property investor, can all benefit from having choice in pricing and products.

More choice help borrowers feel greater peace of mind about the products they choose to use to make their biggest life dreams come true.

Many people are not aware that a small reduction in an interest rate can deliver huge savings over time. A reduction in an interest rate of just 0.25% on a $400,000 loan can put approx. $1000 per year back into your pocket and not the banks!

A broker’s primary job is to look after the interests and needs of their client while adhering to the ever-changing rules and regulations of the industry.

We help our clients find savings that they are sometimes simply unaware they can achieve. We can do this because our team understand the mortgage market very well. They know the different rates and products available through various banks, both mainstream banks and other lenders with more flexible lending criteria.

The lending landscape in Australia changes often. More recently, Comprehensive Credit Reporting was introduced as well as banks scrutinising applicants living expenses in more detail. Both of these factors alone have contributed to people being faced with loan rejections without understanding exactly why. We spoke to many clients in this situation and were able to help them find appropriate solutions.

We also saw significant changes to interest only loans. This has affected many aspiring and existing property investors. Helping investors understand and structure their finances better is just another value-add mortgage brokers like us deliver daily.

In our business, we are seeing more clients come back year after year and more referrals from family and friends who want the same level of service and positive results in their finances, too. We are not surprised that more Australians are turning to mortgage brokers for assistance as life and finances go hand in hand. More people need personal and friendly service because life is complicated and we are all so different. Brokers like us understand this. Ultimately, our clients are the main beneficiaries. We benefit too as we get to continuously support our clients and help them save more and achieve more! We love what we do.

Email Marina to talk about your goals: marinam@whitestar.kinsta.cloud.