Finance Case Study #4

We would like to share a recent client case study with you.

These clients were referred to us with a dream to own a property in a country town to eventually live in and serve as a gathering place for family and friends. Initially, despite the dream, the clients did not think they would be able to get finance.

Well, we are delighted to announce they achieved their dream. Here’s how.

  1. Clients’ objective:
  • To purchase a property in a country town in NSW which was to act as prime residence within 12 months of purchase. Borrower qualified for first home buyers grant.
  • One borrower had previous bankruptcy on their name which was paid and discharged.
  1. This was the outcome:
  • Our broker’s research uncovered a lender who was prepared to offer a competitive rate.
  • The clients did not expect to get such a good result and after settlement were delighted to surprise their children with their new property which they plan to be home within 12 months, once they relocate their work and business.

Knowledge and experience can go a long way in helping clients find solutions, not just loans.

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