Finance Case Study #8

People with multiple loans consolidate and refinance to free up cash flow.

Our Mortgage Broker Emma recently helped a couple who required a consolidation and refinance solution to free up a clash flow problem that was making it hard to live and run their business comfortably.

These clients have been with WhiteStar for some time. During a regular follow up call the client indicated that they wanted to find a solution to reduce the rate on their three mortgages including 2 investments.

As a family of 5, it was very important for our clients to be able to find a solution that could help them save.

Emma managed to review all the current liabilities and sourced a lender with competitive products leading to a savings of $390 per month on interest and a further $1,433 per month by consolidating other non-mortgage debts.

WhiteStar helped these clients achieve the following:

  1. Refinanced 3 mortgages including 2 investments
  2. Cleared and consolidated a non-mortgage loan as well as another smaller debt
  3. Saved 0.61% on the overall interest rate
  4. Increased the overall household cash flow by approximately $1,700 per month

What is a great lender and loan today might not be the case after two or three years. This is why it always pays to do a free home loan review.

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