Finance Case Study #6

People with a mortgage have an opportunity to consolidate debts with a refinance solution.

Refinancing to consolidate debt has helped many of our clients. We recently assisted a couple who wanted to refinance so they could pay back a friend who had helped them in a time of need and clear up some debts which they incurred from a previous business.

We were able to help the client achieve their goals by finding a mortgage refinance solution which allowed them to repay their friend in full and consolidate their other debts into a new mortgage.

The clients are very happy with their new home loan and they are paying less than $100 per month extra, with real peace of mind!

WhiteStar Brokers helped these clients achieve the following:

  1. Refinance to a new home loan
  2. Consolidate smaller debts into their new home loan
  3. Cash out to repay a debt to a friend

This case study demonstrates that not all brokers are the same. Knowledge and experience can go along way in helping clients find solutions, not just loans.

The WhiteStar Team have over 20 years’ experience and can help your clients go further with their finances. Read our reviews.