Finance Case Study #2

We recently helped a client solve a complex finance issue they faced after paying deposits on two off the plan properties through a developer.

Prior to the properties being titled, our clients applied to their existing lender and were unfortunately not approved. They then did some research online and read WhiteStar’s reviews.

They called the team and started the process of finding a solution with one of our Senior Mortgage Brokers, Joanne. Jo spent time with the clients to gain a full understanding of their situation and what they wanted to achieve. Their goal was to be able to keep one property as an investment.

The team was able to help the client achieve this goal. What’s better is that Jo was able to secure approval with ANZ.

WhiteStar Brokers helped these clients achieve the following:

  1. Get approved with ANZ after facing rejection
  2. Provide peace of mind that they would not have to sacrifice the deposits paid to developers
  3. Secure and settle their purchase of the off the plan investment property

Knowledge and experience can go along way in helping clients find solutions, not just loans.

The WhiteStar Team have over 20 years’ experience and can help your clients go further with their finances. Read our reviews.

For more information, get in touch with one of our expert mortgage brokers. We’re here to help you grow.