Using a Vendor Advocate

selecting a vendor advocate

Using a Vendor Advocate is a Newer, Smarter Way for Everyday People to Select a Real Estate Agent.

People have always thought that a Vendor Advocate is only for luxury properties and the wealthier people like the rich and famous, however this is not true. Everyday people also benefit from this free service.

Generally, the Vendor Advocate removes the challenge of you of running around looking up lots of Agents, talking to them, having them come to your home and pressure you with the sales tactics. They will shortlist and obtain 2-4 appraisals and brief the seller and the final Agent Selection is the Vendors.

Utilising an industry professional will help you by:

  • researching, interviewing, and shortlisting an Agent for you; saving you time and stress
  • educating you on the process
  • providing advice and service, that tends to hold the Agent a little more accountable than when a seller/vendor goes direct.

Once a seller/vendor signs the Sales Authority it is binding and commonly exclusive to that Agent. So, you want it to be the right one

Remember. the Agent sees you as a onetime sale. However being selected by you, through a Vendor Advocate may increase the service and transparency; as the Agent would like the opportunity to obtain more business from the Vendor Advocate in the future.

It can be extremely hard to select an Agent for your home which is an especially important decision. This relationship must be built on transparency and honesty. An Agent Selection Service/Vendor Advocate can make this an easier, more stress-free way to select an Agent and they will not be blindsided by the best Sales Agent who quotes the highest price.

The price quoted does not mean the Agent is the best. Chat with a Vendor Advocate to help you select your Agent.

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