The Stress Less Way to Sell in 3 Easy Steps - WhiteStar Group

Agent selection services is a great way to reduce your stress levels when selling, but why?


We research agents in the area thoroughly, then we start to vet and interview agents and make a shortlist.

From our short list, 3 –4 agents are chosen to visit your property and do an appraisal.

During this process, their manner, their service, their skillset and much more, is consistently monitored and assessed.

Only the best make it through to.....


We collate all the appraisals and assess them for you, to see where each agent stands, then we put it into a simple and concise version, which we then discuss with you.


You have complete control over the agent selection.

If it is your home, you are likely to have met each of the agents and built a rapport (or not), so it only makes sense that you have the final say.

For an investment property, that you may or may not have seen, the choice may be a little less emotional and rapport may not be the key if you haven't even met the agents, but....

Even so, you still have control over who the agent is that is selected.

When you engage WhiteStar Property to support you in selling your home or investment property, you know you are our top priority.

For most people, selling or buying a home is one of the most stressful experiences you can have in life, by delegating the stress to us, (and to be honest we love it that’s why we are in property), you know you don’t have to deal with 20 odd agents to find the best, you don’t have to handle the million and one phone calls, text messages or endless emails now you are on their database.

We do it all of that for you!

It doesn’t end there….

We will help organise and book trades (if required), review the marketing with you and give feedback, help you with ideas on how to make your property more market ready, work in with our finance team to make sure you are market ready financially if buying a new home, work with our property management team (or another), if the property has a tenant, and so much more…..

So, whether you are working full time and find it all too much, have health issues and need to focus on yourself, a partner or a family member, have kids to run around after, parents to care for or relocate, no matter what it is in your life that has you already stressed….

We are here to help take that stress away in just 3 easy steps!

And the best part?

Our service is FREE to you!  Learn More: