Finance Case Study #11

Refinance for a better rate to improve cash flow and cash out for future investment use.

One of our clients had their regular review and wanted to have a good look to see where we could improve their cash flow. We looked at refinancing, extending interest-only terms and reducing their current rates substantially in the process. Also confirmed they could obtain some cash out from their owner-occupied home to purchase another investment property. Our broker Maria assisted the customers to reduce the interest rates on their current owner-occupied mortgages and investment mortgages as well as obtain a further $100,000 to put towards another investment property.

The rate went down on their owner-occupied home loan by 1.65% and investment loans by 1.25% and overall improved their cash flow by $851 per month. So with even borrowing the additional $100,000 from their mortgage our clients still saved $851 per month. They did move forward and added another property to their portfolio.

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