Townhouse dreams: why investors are sweeping up townhouses in Melbourne

Have you ever noticed how quickly townhouses get purchased and tenanted? It’s because the demand for townhouses is huge for both buyers and renters.

Singles, couples and families are all interested. Townhouses are also becoming a popular downsizing option for families looking to save, or parents whose children have moved out.

Townhouses offer a low maintenance lifestyle, with all the benefits of traditional living. Benefits such as a backyard, separate laundry, dining area and double garage. However, maintenance costs can be significantly less.

Here’s what to look for when selecting a Townhouse to invest in:

  1. Proximity to schools: this is essential for families with school aged children.
  2. 2+ bathrooms and toilets: tenants are often willing to pay extra for additional amenities like multiple bathrooms.
  3. Proximity to public transport: this is essential for parents with secondary school aged children, for working professionals who want the convenience of using public transport, as well as those downsizing and retiring. Close proximity to public transport is an asset for all types of tenants.
  4. Infrastructure: You want to ensure that the location of the townhouse you decide to invest in is close to infrastructure. Not only schools, but also consider proximity to hospitals, airports and community facilities such as cultural centres and arts precincts. Reliable utility services such as internet, gas, electricity and water are very important too.

These considerations can have a significant impact on the capital growth of your townhouse investment property and may lead to bigger profits when you decide to sell.

For more information on how to source the right type of townhouse to invest in chat to the WhiteStar Property Investment team – we’re here to help. Call us on 1300 652 842.