Proposed changes to renting in Victoria

The significant reforms recently announced by the Andrews Government have caused concern amongst agents and landlords. Below is a quick snapshot of what the proposed changes are and what you can do to voice your opinion.

The 14 proposed changes include:

  • Removal of the Notice to Vacate No Specific Reason providing tenants with 120 days’ notice to vacate
  • Limiting the use of ‘end of fixed-term’ notice to vacate
  • Bond capped at four weeks rent for all tenancies less than $760 per week
  • Landlords unable to unreasonably refuse consent for pets
  • Allowing tenants to make minor property modifications ie. putting up picture hooks or installing an air conditioner
  • Landlords and agents blacklist
  • Pre-contractual disclosure by landlords/PMs regarding asbestos and intentions to sell
  • A new Commissioner for Residential Tenancies
  • Early release of bonds by agreement before the end of tenancy
  • Faster tenant reimbursement for urgent repairs (to be 7 days rather than 14 days)
  • Automatic bond repayment within 14 days where a claim hasn’t be lodged
  • Ban on rental bidding and rent bidding applications
  • Rent increases restricted to once per year
  • Prohibiting false, misleading or deceptive representation by landlords or agent prior to a tenancy

There has been a suggestion by the Andrews Government that these reforms will benefit landlords.

The REIV (Real Estate Institute of Victoria) believe the greatest issues are:

  • Removal of the 120-day notice and limiting of end of fixed-term agreements
  • Bond capping
  • Loss of right to consent to pets and property modifications

To voice your opinion contact your local MP or the Governments Rent Fair Victoria website:

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