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Are you wanting to set sail or hit the road in style? Our expert team is dedicated to making your dreams a reality! Whether it’s a new boat or a cozy caravan, we’re here to find the perfect solution for you. Or for those who already have their adventure Boat or Caravan Finance you can explore the possibility of refinancing your current Boat or Caravan Asset loan to unlock potential savings or lower payments. Don’t wait any longer – chat with us today and let’s embark on your next great adventure together!

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Can you do low doc caravan or boat loans
If a boat or caravan is older for example 6 years old or more, then it can be harder to get a secured asset loan. Also the older the asset the more it could affect the interest rate if it is a secured ASSET loan. However our team are very good at securing secured and unsecured personal loans. Chat with a team to know more
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Can you do low doc caravan or boat loans
Low Doc or Light Doc loans are avaialable however the asset (age, type, cost) and the client profile is very important when selecting the lender.
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Can I refinance my current boat or caravan loan to reduce my payments?
THere are often options to refinance and reduce the repaymttns. This may be by extending the loan term out or posisbly reducing the current interest rate. These options can change all the time, so it is always best to find out as there are options from manby lenders that may be compared.
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Do need to buy from a registered dealer or can we buy privately?
Buying a Car, Caravan or Boat from a registered Dealer is always more attractive to a lender for a Secured Asset Loan. However this doesn tmean you cannot buy privately, it just means there may be less lenders to choose from and the asset may need to be within certain guidelines. However Secured Personal Loans or unsecured Personal Loans are also often the better option for privately purchased assets.
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I have a poor credit score can I get a boat or caravan loan?
Having a Poor Credit Score or Poor Credit Histroy can affect the itions availablae as well as the rates, fees and loan amounts. However talking to an experienced Asset Finance Broker is the best palce to start so you can work out the otptions available before you go shopping for that perfect Car, Boat or Caravan.
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