Be inspired by our client success stories – Lancefield Property

  Cost / Income
*Valuation as at February 2019 $ 468,140
Increase in value in 2.2 years $ 110,760
Rented For $ 420 per week
**Approximate mortgage repayment

(this doesn’t include any additional property expenses)

$ 331 per week
Difference between rent and mortgage repayment $ 89 per week

Buffer built into loan for initial settlement, construction and 4 miscellaneous expenses @ $25,000. BMT Depreciation Report, first month rental, miscellaneous costs including interest payments during construction, legal fees

***PIA RESULT Cost / Income
Approximate out of pocket expenses $ 4 per week
For an increase of $ 110,760

*Data Sources. (formerly RP Data),,,
**Assumptions: Interest rate @ 4.5% on total purchase price and buffer of $25,000

***Disclaimer: Note that the computer projections listed above simply illustrate the outcome calculated from the input values and the assumptions contained in the model. Hence, the figures can be varied as required and are in no way intended to be a guarantee of future performance. Although the information is provided in good faith, it is also given on the basis that no person using the information, in whole or in part, shall have any claim against WhiteStar Money Management – Mount Waverley, its servants, employees or consultants. This information is intended as general advice only and does not take account of individual needs or financial circumstances. Intending purchasers should do their own assessment or consult a licensed investment adviser. The amount stated out of pocket is after all expenses, income and -ve gearing benefit has been applied. Assumptions have been used.