Wondering why more people are using brokers? Hear the opinion of our mortgage broker Jo C

A recent report by Momentum Intelligence has revealed that over 96% of people surveyed who utilised the services of a mortgage broker are satisfied and will use one again.

The report was released on January 31, 2019; just one week following an announcement that brokers settled more residential loans than ever before. In the last quarter, brokers settled 59.1% of all residential loans!

What does all of this mean?

These figures show us that mortgage brokers are really helping people.

Mortgage brokers deliver value to their clients each day by helping them understand what their mortgage options are and then finding products and rates to help them achieve their goals.

What do our brokers think? We asked them for their opinions about the value we offer our clients.

Our Mortgage Broker Jo C believes “Brokers help clients get approval when they have been told it’s not possible…

The lending market changes so fast, there are new products and offers released every single day. It is impossible for borrowers to know what is what. It is also hard to know what a good rate looks like. I have been a broker for 8 years and one of the biggest lessons I have learnt about lending is that knowing what a lender wants is critical to the outcome of an application.

Brokers have the knowledge and experience to help people get positive results from their finances, even when they have been told it might not be possible.

There have been many times in my career where I have listened to the pain of my clients, many of whom face incredible amounts of stress in their life due to facing rejection from the banks. Many have been in tears and at times, it can be difficult to hear their pain.

Banks can sometimes make clients feel like their application is going fine. When things are not going smoothly, borrowers have to wait on hold for hours chasing staff for information, only to hear disappointing results.
In these moments, I wish these people came to us first. They would be able to save so much time and avoid all the stress and anxiety they had to experience.

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