Wondering why more people are using brokers? Hear the opinion of our mortgage broker Emma

A recent report by Momentum Intelligence has revealed that over 96% of people surveyed who utilised the services of a mortgage broker are satisfied and will use one again.

The report was released on January 31, 2019; just one week following an announcement that brokers settled more residential loans than ever before. In the last quarter, brokers settled 59.1% of all residential loans!

What does all of this mean?

These figures show us that mortgage brokers are really helping people.

Mortgage brokers deliver value to their clients each day by helping them understand what their mortgage options are and then finding products and rates to help them achieve their goals.

What do our brokers think? We asked them for their opinions about the value we offer our clients.

Our Mortgage Broker Emma believes “Brokers save borrowers time and help find solutions to more complex situations…

Doing the research for a new home loan can take hours as there are just so many different banks and lenders with literally hundreds of products. Brokers like us help by doing the research for their clients. We take the time to listen to your needs first, and then use our knowledge and experience to source products that can actually help you achieve what you want.

Finance can be tricky. When ‘life’ gets in the way, we are here to help find solutions not just loans.

People who might not fit ‘traditional’ lending criteria benefit from the experience of brokers in a huge way. ‘Life situations’ such as needing to split assets with an ex-partner or consolidating debts to relieve financial pressure can lead to high amounts of stress for borrowers. Solving these problems alone and directly with a lender can add to that stress, especially having to explain yourself over and over again just to receive a rejection after countless hours on the phone.

Even everyday situations such as one late repayment leading to poor credit can get in the way of a person’s chance of gaining a first home loan or refinancing a mortgage. It can be hard to understand and I hear this frustration all the time.

A mortgage broker speaks to the bank on your behalf and can be your advocate by preparing your application to position you in the best possible light. This means your application is structured and negotiated with lenders, who you might not be aware of, and are willing to help you achieve your desired goal.

Email Emma to talk about your goals: emmap@whitestar.kinsta.cloud.