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Tenant Solutions

WhiteStar Property Management is part of the WhiteStar Group, which was founded over 20 years ago. The WhiteStar Group’s history is built on experience in both property and finance. 

Over the years the WhiteStar Group has evolved into a more complete services company. The services available include: 

  • Home loans 
  • Conveyancing 
  • Residential Property Investment 
  • Residential Property Management 
  • Accounting Services 

Our property management services are provided by dedicated property managers, meaning that your property manager is the only person you need to speak to and is your single point of contact. WhiteStar Property Management is, an REIV member and accredited Real Estate Agency. 

Pet request form

Renters must use this form to ask the rental provider for consent to keep a pet at the rented premises.

Condensation & Mould Growth

A guide to make living on the property a pleasant
experience and to limit any charges to renters.

Routine Inspection Cleaning Guide

A guide to help renters keep the rental property clean for routine inspections.

Vacating your Rental Property

A checklist to help you pass your final inspection and make the process of moving out a smooth and stress-free experience.

Safety Checks at Home – Detector Inspector

Important renter information about the mandatory safety checks at your rental property.

Parent letter

If the renter is studying, please complete the parent letter and send it to the property manager.

Home fire safety

Tips for preventing fires in the home.

Smoke alarm brochure

The smoke alarm brochure provides pieces of information about smoke alarms and their needs to the renter and rental provider.

Renters' insurance

Information about the renters’ insurance to protect your valuable contents.

Caring for Your Timber Floors by Hynes

Information about how to care for your engineered timber floors.

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Victoria made significant changes to renting laws in 2021. The requirement for a rented property to meet minimum standards was introduced in the new laws. Under the new Residential Tenancy legislation, all properties are required to have regular safety checks to ensure compliance. Essentially, Smoke Alarm testing is mandatory every 12 months with Gas Safety, Carbon Monoxide and Electrical Safety Service checks to be completed every 2 years.